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"Living in India" This is my personal Vlog on YouTube. I'm Yuki, a Japanese who live in India. My husband is an Indian. My husband and I run 2 hotels in Bodhgaya in India. We also have a school without fee for poor children in villages. I'm a social worker, a fundraiser, and a mother of four children. I teach Japanese language. In this channel, I would like to introduce my life in India. I hope you enjoy my videos! If you like my videos, please subscribe. Links Bodhgaya Children Aid Charitable Trust: www.ngochildrenaid.com Hotel Mahamaya Palace: www.mahamayapalace.com Hotel Mahamaya: www.hotelmahamaya.com Blog: https://yuki-india.blogspot.in/ Blog in Japanese: http://yukidevi.blogspot.in/ Blog in Hindi: http://japaneseinhindi.blogspot.in/

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