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We all love interesting, mysterious and amazing topics, isn't it?
In this channel, you will find videos on almost every topic that is cool and interesting.
Be entertained through information and facts (interesting, strange, mysterious, unbelievable facts)!
Learn about your own body and mind through the spiritual videos (meditation and positive lifestyle, self-improvement videos), motivate yourself through motivational videos, know about latest technological & scientific exploration and educate yourself about various scientific topics through dedicated science videos and much more.

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Research Work, Voiceover in Videos and Final Video Editing by - Rajesh Kumar.

Major Subscriber Milestones:

27 Jan 2017 - 100,000
02 May 2017 - 500,000
16 June 2017 - 1M
04 Oct 2017 - 2M
16 Jan 2018 - 3M
15 May 2018 - 4M

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